Isn't it amazing that Christ is ready to accept us with our flaws even when we think we are undeserving of his love and mercy. For he says in Romans 15:7 "Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God" and even when we find it difficult to do so, [...]


Seeing Opportunities Within the Storm

If you enjoyed my first post Lay Down Your Burdens-Your Petitions then I believe you would enjoy this. Today's post is on finding the open door or finding the opportunity that lies within your situation. Matthew 8:1-4 Open Opportunities Where is your focus? What is your target? How ready are you to take the opportunity when it [...]

Lay Down Your Burdens-Your Petitions

Matthew 8:1-4 I love the Story of Matthew 8:1-4. The little nuggets it brings forth as you read and understand the mercies of God. Leprosy was a disease that caused one to be separated or shunned from his family due to the stigma it held and its ability to spread if not treated well. (you [...]


Dwelling within the Oceans

A month back, I did a post on Hill songs single "Oceans" which was a blessing to me. If you would like to read that post Click Here. I would like to do this topic again but in conjunction with a few characters from the Bible. Today's bible character is on Moses. When you think of [...]


A Patient Waiting God.

I found my new fav song for this year and its "You waited" by Travis Greene. The song "You Waited" is a very powerful song. Words ringing truth with instrumentals accompanying its lyrics birthing out the sounds of heaven. "Well that's what I hear when I blast it in the car or at home". It [...]


When Darker days Turn into Brighter days.

Image credit: Google images Have you at any time in your life felt stifled, pushed to the back and no one paying attention to you, no one hears your cry for help even thou it stares them right in the face? We could face these problems in our homes, schools, work place, in society and [...]


Let Your Giving Reflect The Christ In You

Before I jump into my topic please humor me as I ask these questions What do you understand by giving? How often do you give? How does giving affect or shape your life Would you willingly give your last cent away in the name of giving. Free Will Giving: Giving freely of one's self and [...]


Take Charge of the New

Have you ever had the urge to change path, take control, heard that still small voice talk to you and say this is where I want you to be. This is where I want to send you and make you great, to change your circumstance. You might have it great where you think you are [...]


A Worshipper and a Dweller

I was going through some of my old stuff and found this writting I had done of a worshipper and a dweller some years back. I decided to share it as we all need a bit of inspiration as worshippers and dwellers in the lord. Enjoy! A Worshipper (Psalm 86:9) and A dweller (psalm 91:1) [...]


Make The Best Out of the worst

Today I decided to do my post on a song - Oceans. This is something I will be doing frequently so let me know your thoughts about this post. My pick for today is the song OCEANS (Where feet may fail) Have you ever sang a song but did not understand what it was about [...]