Dwelling within the Oceans

A month back, I did a post on Hill songs single “Oceans” which was a blessing to me. If you would like to read that post Click Here. I would like to do this topic again but in conjunction with a few characters from the Bible.

Today’s bible character is on Moses.

When you think of Moses, what comes into mind?

I think of the red sea, the ten commandments, the ten wonders he performed in Egypt, changing the bitter water to sweet water for the children of Israel in the desert.

But in the midst of all these wonders, and having lived a life that seemed perfect, he wasn’t so perfect.

Moses was called into the great unknown, where feet may fail, to be a leader over a nation (Gods chosen people), to bring the people of Israel out of Egypt. There were times it seemed like there was no hope even though God had sent him forth to do this great big task.

But at the right time, God always showed his face, He showed his love and when ever He was called upon, he moved miraculously.

Moses as a person stammered when he spoke, and so felt inadequate to lead the people of God. He had a past he was running away from and he also had an issue with his temper (Exodus 2:11-12, Exodus 20:8-12) but even with all these faults, God chose him for something great. To lead his children out of Egypt into the promised land.

Because Moses saw his problem and his past as his mountain, as his stumbling block, he resisted God’s plans upon his life with excuses saying Exodus 3:11 “who am I to appear before Pharaoh? Who am I to lead the people out of Egypt?”.

Sometimes, our situation causes us to be so scared of what lays ahead of us that, we miss the bigger picture but God is always there to reassure us.

For he reassures Moses in Exodus 3:12 saying “I will be with you”. Moses protests to the Lord four times (chapters 3 and 4) to get out of his assignment, his last excuse being his lack of eloquence in speech but the Lord said, make Aaron your brother the mouth piece. He sets his brother Aaron as his mouth piece-Where Moses could not speak, Aaron did the talking for him.

Even in the presence of our enemies, the Lord lifts the right people to speak on our behalf. He shows himself worthy and true.

What assignment of the Lord are you running away from or making excuses about in order not to feel ridiculed or feel like an outcast.

But we have to understand that in the Lord, we are not outcasts but rather kingdom helpers.

The Lord was with Moses in all he did and sent helpers in the form of Aaron his brother and Jethro, Moses’s father in law by way of Jethro’s advice to Moses.

He will always bring a helping hand our way when we least expect.

As the Lord calls you into the waters of the open sea, do not be afraid, do not lose hope. Belive that he knows the plans for you and what you need at any moment of your life. Call upon his name, and he will answer.

Stay blessed.


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