A Patient Waiting God.

I found my new fav song for this year and its “You waited” by Travis Greene.

The song “You Waited” is a very powerful song. Words ringing truth with instrumentals accompanying its lyrics birthing out the sounds of heaven. “Well that’s what I hear when I blast it in the car or at home”. It speaks volumes, He waited for me, a sinner. Even when I rejected him and did what my flesh pleasures in, he waited patiently for me.


How wonderful it is that God has the patience to wait on us in our disobedience, when we turn away from him, when we close our ears and heart to him, he still waits and has mercy on us when we come back to him.

Isaiah 30:18 (ISV) says “Nevertheless, the lord will wait so he can be gracious to you, and thus he will rise up to show you mercy for the lord is God of Justice. How blessed are those who wait for him”.

NIV – Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you, therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of Justice. Blessed are all who wait for him.

Wow, I feel blessed and lucky knowing that in my stubbornness, he could have rejected me when I decided to come back to him, but he didn’t.

Rather, he says he will wait so he can be gracious to me and show me mercy. So powerful.  No matter your story or circumstance, he will wait for you, be gracious and merciful and use you for his glory.

We must be real special for the good Lord to decide to wait for us.

As you go about your day, know and remember the Lord waits for you no matter what you are facing or going through. He neither discriminates nor differentiates. Even if you’ve drawn away from him and think you are not deserving of his love, know that he waits for you and loves you.

Stay blessed


Copyright © 2017


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