When Darker days Turn into Brighter days.

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Have you at any time in your life felt stifled, pushed to the back and no one paying attention to you, no one hears your cry for help even thou it stares them right in the face? We could face these problems in our homes, schools, work place, in society and all around us.

One young man in the bible unfortunately faced such a dilemma in his life. He was always ignored and pushed back by his brothers because of his gifts, talents, dreams. (I’m pretty sure at the mention of dreams, you know whom I’m talking about – Joseph.

Out of resentment for his dreams and his fathers love, he is sold off by his brothers and taken into Egypt. Isn’t it sad how at the sight of our gifting, abilities, talents, people get intimidated and do anything and everything to break you and bring you down just so they can have the upper hand?

Joseph’s story seems bleak with no hope as he is in a foreign land with no one to lean on or hold onto. He faces trails upon trials from being falsely accused by his master’s wife even though he’s served his master well and his house-hold is prosperous and being thrown into prison where he has no one to defend him.

We find the enemy fighting to push us down, to keep us in the dark corner even when God works on changing the situation. But if only the devil knew that, the more he pushes, the more God works to bring glory to himself.

Whiles in prison, he meets the cup-bearer and baker and for a moment, it seems there might be hope in his situation after all. He sees both men sitting gloomily and asks them about their gloominess. They tell him (Joseph) about certain dreams they’ve had and do not understand.

Joseph helps ease their gloominess by explaining their dreams then he tells the cup-bearer, remember me when you are before the king for I have been judged unfairly in Genesis 40:1-23. And so the day comes when these two men are brought before pharaoh and the cup-bearer is vindicated whiles the baker is hanged.

Joseph patiently waits hoping the cupbearer may have mentioned him but days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and possibly years and so we find ourselves losing hope in our system, our family and friends, those who have been called to help plead our case. We lose hope in our selves and in the situation.

But Joseph goes about his duties in prison until one day, when it had seemed like all was forgotten about him, he is suddenly remembered by the cupbearer. He is stripped of the depressing look that surrounded him and he is given a new aura, a fresh and new look and sent before pharaoh where he uses his gift for the good of the Lord.

At the end of his interpretation, Pharoah gives the news of his life which i am sure he did not see coming. At this point, all he is probably thinking of after giving Pharoah his answer is how to bring up his unjust and unfair treatment. But Pharaohs news changes everything in Genesis 41:37-46.

In a day, in a moment, everything is changed around him and that is when we see the manifestation of God’s unfailing love and mercies in our lives.

Now remember that, through out his stay in Egypt, he had been given positions of heading and over seeing. The first was in Potiphar’s house and the second was in prison and he did it with the best of his abilities and it is said because of him, every thing he touched and did in Potiphar’s house and the prison was prosperous.

If he had not gone through all this even though the situation looked depressing, or had taken his role as unimportant, he would not have been able to take on a role as being a prime minister over a foreign country and doing it well and above expectation.

  1. Appreciate your gifts, talents, and abilities for you never know where it would take you: A lot of people have despised their gifts and talents there by not utilizing it for their self-improvement or for the glory of God. But we find in Genesis 37:1-10, that even though his brothers disliked him for his dreams, he still believed and continued to have dreams, only difference may be he would have stopped sharing his dreams with people

2. Do not despise the small beginnings. No matter how depressing, difficult or useless the situation may be or look to you: Even though things looked bad for Joseph, he kept his faith and looked up to God not letting the situation dictate his outcome.

3. Do not allow your irrelevance bring down your best of your abilities : Whether in your job, school, at home, where ever you may find yourself, do no let the situation, or the fact that people are not recognizing your abilities or strengths stop you from doing your best. Stop seeking approval from people for your abilities, and talents. The only approval we ever need is from God as he is the author and finisher of our lives and destiny.

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