A Worshipper and a Dweller

I was going through some of my old stuff and found this writting I had done of a worshipper and a dweller some years back. I decided to share it as we all need a bit of inspiration as worshippers and dwellers in the lord.


A Worshipper (Psalm 86:9) and A dweller (psalm 91:1)

Psalm 86:9- “All the nations you have made will come and WORSHIP before you; Lord, they will bring glory to your name”

Psalm 91:1- “Whoever DWELLS in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the Almighty”

In Him I am a worshipper who sings of his love. In him I am a nation who dwells in his shelter. In a whole I am a worshipper dwelling in the shelter of the Lord. My essence and existence rests on the mantel of His Holy ground. As I dwell in Psalm 91:1, and  Psalm 86:9, it brings me closer to him in worship feeling safe and loved.

All insecurities dispersed like the whirling wind forcefully blowing and scattering gathered trash. As I worship and dwell in him I fall in Love over and over again never being the same. In his holy embrace His mighty hands envelops me close to his warriors’ chest. In him I am drenched in peace, beauty, laughter, grace, favour, and mercy.

I look back to my past and my feet have thread on thorns. Thorns that have bruised, damaged and scarred the very body of this nation. I look forward and it is guided by footsteps greater than my tiny ones.

I bask in the glory of his name for in him I have found a nation of peace. I will forever lift my voice up to worship and praise his Holy name. My footsteps will thread in the shadows of his mighty presence for in him I am a worshipper and a dweller.

Kwabea © 2017


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