Make The Best Out of the worst

Today I decided to do my post on a song – Oceans.

This is something I will be doing frequently so let me know your thoughts about this post.

My pick for today is the song OCEANS (Where feet may fail)

Have you ever sang a song but did not understand what it was about or what it meant? That is me until last week friday. I have been singing and playing the song oceans since the day I heard it play on radio but I never took the time to learn or understand what it was talking about but last week friday the almighty God opened my eyes and understanding to this marvelous music.

Oceans : Life

The great big world, pressure, troubles, pit falls, downfalls, you name it.

Have you ever felt like you’ve been called into an area of life or you are meant to be in a different place, a different job, what ever it may be but you feel the weight of deciding whether to take that big step? you feel the need and urge to go forth but your mind tells you what if you fail? what if you are just imaging it?

I believe we’ve all been called into a ministry: our jobs, our families, our friendships, those places we find our selves at the unexpected hour but make the most out of it, in life. Sometimes it can feel over whelming and over bearing.

We never know how these ministries will turn out and even though we are bound to fail at some point we strive and go forth in faith hoping to give our best, sometimes our 100 %.

The song Oceans talks about facing the storms of life but still maintaing our ground, standing firm and coming out strong.  No matter where we have been called to in our respect lives, no matter the problems we face, no matter how big the platform, no matter the countless times we fail, or miss the mark, he is always with us. We are his and he is ours. If we would just call on his name, he would come to our rescue.

His grace abounds – It is sufficient for us. All we have to do is believe in him and ourselves, keep our eyes on the prize and he will do the rest when we give it all onto him, when we give him the chance to take control.

Sometimes it’s not easy letting go of the reigns but if we would lay it down at the altar, he can do miraculous things that surpasses all understanding.

His hands will keep us safe in the storm so don’t let the storm limit your trust in him. Where it seems unbearable and the soul seems weary, lift your eyes up to him and say “even though I am facing this, you are my strength, you are my comfort”.

As you start the week, no matter what the challenge is, no matter what the problem may be, no matter what troubles come your way, remember there is someone greater who is looking out for you. Commit your cares and worries to him and look forward to a great fulfilled week.

I would love to hear what your understanding of this song is and if you liked this post, please comment, like and share.

Kwabea © 2017



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