The Beast Within – Beauty and the Beast

A few months ago, the new rendition and release of the all time family favourite movie “beauty and the beast” sparked a bit of uproar when one of the characters Lefou was portrayed as gay and I really loved Lefou as a child with his uptight and sometimes silly mannerisms.

Now this post is not to step on the toes of anyone but a comment i bumped into based on this movie got me thinking and it said ” imagine boycotting beauty & the beast because of a gay character while being totally cool with a teenage girl falling in love with a buffalo”

Read full story here with comments

Now as a christian, I find it hard to wrap my mind around the issue of gayism when it clearly states in the bible that God frowned upon it but my focus is not on the gay issue but on the last bit of that comment “teenage girl falling in love with a buffalo”.

The harsh truth is we all have a “buffalo/beast” living within us but it is how we address the “beast”, how we manage the “beast”, how we control the beast within us that gives us a story like “beauty and the beast”.

Beauty and the beast relates to our friendships, marriages, family, children, society – that whatever mannerisms we may portray sometimes and the underlined word is sometimes, love conquers all.

Sometimes we must overlook the outward appearance to understand the person or individual involved in that situation. Sometimes its about teaching the person how to control their extremes.

One’s beast may be pride, another may be anger, another may be jealousy, another may be finances, it may be an addiction to drugs or alcohol or sex and the list goes on but how we manage and control these “beasts” I would term it either makes you or breaks you.

In the movie, we see some of these mannerisms portrayed by the beast. In Belles case, it was kindness and love and patience toward said Buffalo that helped change him. In the Christian faith we add prayer, fasting and the word of God to conquer. Sometimes it also means walking away for reality to set in.

Unfortunately, many of us get caught up in the world of the “beast” and have difficulty managing or coming out of it. Unfortunately when this happens, we see abuse rates go up, we see neglect, depression, it affects those around and involved and much more.

In one person’s case it is having family and friends around to help them through, to help them see their weakness and troubles and come out of it, to find solutions to their problem. In another’s case, it is being cast out and falling deeper into their “beasts” until it wrecks their lives.

Young girls, teenage girls, and even adults do not plan on falling in love with a “beast” at least I hope not but sometimes, situations arise and we find the kind of “beasts” we are into or involved with.

A mother enduring an abusive marriage for the sake of her children. A young girl falls in love with the most caring and romantic guy until overnight, that guy turns into a monster and changes the love story.

No one goes into a relationship wanting to be controlled or overshadowed by a monster or beast but when that relationship is no more sound, peaceful and loving, that is where we see “the beast within”.

In Belles case, she had the advantage of seeing the beasts character, self and outward appearance but not everyone gets that advantage.

Heck, we can even attribute the beast in the movie to the ugly guy who exhibits the character of the beast but is all loving and mushy inside.

Beauty and the beast is not just about a beast or monster and a beautiful young girl it is also about life, choices, love, learning how to control our habits and “beasts within” to come out with successful relationships.

Hopefully my rantings made sense as you’ve concluded “the beast within” .

Kwabea © 2017





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