Finding Grace to Endure

For my first post on Finding a common ground, please click here Finding a common ground I

In Genesis 3, we see the enemy tricking the woman (self-doubt comes into play here on the womans sides) into eating the fruit. Unfortunately the woman falls prey to his trickery and entices her husband to also eat the fruit.

Soon we realise a cycle being repeated although they are of different nature. Man disobeys God and is pushed out of the Garden (Be careful of the people who come into your lives parading as friends or advisers and end you in trouble).

Man is put out of the Garden and onto the world (earth) just like satan. Only difference is, man has to work the land in order to survive where as satan needs the disobedience of man to survive and grow his kingdom on earth.

In the midst of mans disobedience and trying to find his way back to God comes Cain and Abel. Again we see good and evil tugging at each other for a place of survival.

In Genesis 4:3-5, we see the heart of man portrayed before God. Abel is everything God had wanted in man in the beginning – selflessly giving himself to God and doing what is right before the sight of God. On the other hand, we see Cain whom on the outside seems to be doing all that is right but the motive behind his is not right (be mindful of sheep in wolves clothing who look good and clean on the outside but far from on the inside). Unfortunately, it is filthy and corrupt so God rejects his offering and warns him in Genesis 4:6-7 of the enemy (sin) slowly creeping in and crouching at the door. (Funny how trouble always lurks around but we find ways to over look it and jump right into its trap doors).

In the end, Cain is overcome by sin and kills his brother.

How often we hear of this.

Friends or siblings killing each other because one is favoured more than the other. Because one always does the right thing and becomes “miss goody two shoes”.

because one wants what the other has and because they can’t have it, they result to aggression.

Colleagues back stabbing colleagues just to get to the top or stealing the lime light from underneath another.

What if we were willing to ask for help when we are not strong to continue or even start?

What if we were willing to offer the needed help without the unnecessary competition it breeds. Don’t get me wrong, competitions I believe are good but there is a difference between a healthy competition and a negative competition that breeds anger and aggression.

How often do we allow our doubts get us in trouble because we try to over look or find loop holes or find excuses to the rules? The more we doubt ourselves, the more the clear picture becomes distorted and we either leap without seeing the clearity in matters or we hide behind masks because it is safer.

It is only in our willingness to help each other and ask for help will our commonality of a common ground be found and sin wiped out.



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