Finding a common ground

The story of Cain and Abel goes deeper than two sibling rivalry, it brings us back to the story of creation (the beginning). But before creation, we must understand the circumstances surrounding the story of satan (Lucifer).

Isaiah 14:12-14 and Ezekiel 28 gives us a clear picture of how the once adorned and highly favoured angle (Lucifer) lost his way and place in the heavenly due to his pridefulness and pompousness. After his over throw and banishment from the heavenly kingdom, he is put on earth with his other comrades (fallen angels).

Ezekiel 28:13-14 gives us a glimpse of who Lucifer was in the heavenly body. After he is thrown out of heaven and onto earth, God places man in the garden of Eden. Of course this does not sit well with the enemy.

This tells me that the Garden of Eden was very precious and important to God. It was of prestigious value to the heavenly father and he did not  allow just anyone to enter into this heavenly earthly kingdom but he gave man the privilege of coming into his presence (Garden).  Lucifer was the first to be given access to it but due to disobedience, he was banished from this kingdom. God goes ahead to place man in this garden and It is here we see this tug of war between man, God and the enemy. God trying to protect man (Genesis 2:16-17) and the enemy trying to push man out of the presence of God (Genesis 3:1-7, 22-24).

Unfortunately we see this scenario happening in our daily lives. In our families, in our work places, in our churches unfortunately, in our schools. There are instances where a person is put in a prominent place but unfortunately due to greed and bitterness, we see some people working against the other. We see siblings and friends fight and grow apart.

But the thing is, what if we worked alongside each other instead of against each other? what if we opened our hearts to receive each other rather than belittling each other?

Instead of trying to bring each other down, or find faults in ourselves, why not uplift each other.

Why not accept our wrongs when we are reprimanded for it and learn to change from the wrong into the positive.

By doing this, then we will become a better society, we would have better relationships and better communication skills.

Kwabea © 2017

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